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Darwin’s, Motorcycle, Hot Rod, Muscle Car Cruise & Shannon’s Show!

Cruise for the Cause is a chance to showcase your vehicle or motorcycle with a leisurely cruise and raise vital funds for prostate cancer research, awareness, and support. If you think your vehicle is a bit special, then please come and join us in supporting local Northern Territorian blokes in the battle against Prostate Cancer.

When? Sunday, 2nd June.
Who? Classic, Vintage, Custom Motorbike, Hot Rod, Muscle Car and Cool Car enthusiasts, and Rockabilly's.
Where? Darwin. Cruise starting at Eva's Cafe assembling from 8.30am for a 10.30am departure and arriving at Landmark @ Gateway around 11.30am. 
What? Suited and booted, riders dressed to impress. Drivers suited and booted wearing top hats welcomed to cruise or show!

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Over 25,000 Aussie men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. 

Together with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) we can make a real difference for men and families in the North Territory impacted by this disease.



The Stargate Project

Recently, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia concluded The Stargate Project (proStaTe cAncer ReGional fAcT shEets) which identified some critical issues highlighting the mortality rates and late diagnosis particularly in the NT. 
It was identified that NT blokes have some of the worst outcomes for prostate cancer, short falls are informing plans ahead, to reduce our NT blokes’ statistics. Prostate cancer accounts for about 20% of all male cancers diagnosed in the NT (so 1 in 5 of all diagnoses).
This data is drawn from The STARGATE Project using the latest data supplied by the NT Cancer Registry (1982-2016 prevalence data).

There are around 900 men alive today in the Northern Territory, who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. (since records began) Sadly, statistically, we in the NT have one of the highest mortality rates in Australia.
Funds raised by Cruise for the Cause will be supporting NT blokes to be a part of clinical trials, one of which is already underway. 1 in 5 men in the NT are diagnosed at stages three or four – when prostate cancer is harder to beat (most of these men will benefit massively from lutetium and our clinical trial).
But we need to keep our grip on the throttle and stand on the accelerator pedal in an attempt to put the brakes on what’s really an out of control rolling insidious beast, we need to protect the health of existing and future generations of men here in the NT and improve the quality of life for NT men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Sunday 2nd June 2024







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