GJ#61 iRacing For Prostate Cancer Awareness

In 2020 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and had surgery to remove the Prostate and the Cancer.
Raising Awareness about Prostate Cancer and raising funds to provide Support to others and continue the research effort into Prostate Cancer is important. 

During 2020, like many I have been working from home and as I like to watch motor racing from Australia and across the globe. Due to the Covid pandemic much of the racing went online. The Australian Supercars ran an E-Series on the iRacing platform. Having invested in car racing games in the past I looked into and joined the iRacing world competing in a variety of cars on tracks from all over the world racing drivers from all over the world.  Yes I got hooked. 

Then came the Prostate Cancer diagnosis. The surgery was done and thing started to get back to normal and yes I was still racing.  A few months back I decided to do a little to promote some awareness for Prostate Cancer.  Custom Paint schemes are common in iRacing, so I adopted a new Blue Scheme, added some signage with approval from The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and took to the track.

I joined a Racing League where part of the entry cost is donated to Prostate Cancer research. 
Going forward with my racing endeavours the Prostate Awareness message will be there for all to see.

So far its small steps, but if I can raise some money that helps get another Prostate Cancer Nurse or adds funds for the research it will help other men through their journey.

So donate if you can and remember tag line        #GetChecked

Greg Johnstone  GJ#61

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