Pasta for Prostate

Pasta for prostate

Pasta for Prostate!

Statistics state, in the next 22 minutes, one of our fathers, sons, uncles or brothers will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, That’s why we've decided to become an agent of change by joining the PCFA-Team.

Myself and my sister, Ebony Newton will be hosting a pasta night to spread awareness to all men, young and old of the importance of getting there prostate checked.   This fundraiser is close to our hearts as our Dad is currently challenged with prostate cancer!

From game-changing research to specialised mental and physical care, there is so much more we can, and must, do to save the lives of the men we love.

Please support us  by making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

On behalf of the 25,487 men who will be diagnosed this year – thank you!

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Amber and Ebony your amazing such a great cause.