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Planet Prostate


Moving Forward

Thank you to all who have interacted. 
Let us keep the push going in September - Annual Prostate Awareness Month.

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To all those who have donated or viewed this page, a heartfelt Thank You for taking the time to read or listen. 
Start those conversations

All of you are Making a Difference!

I will eventually reply to all the donors.


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Live to air interview on 28/8/23 with Trendy Trev

Planet Prostate goes Live!!

Planet Prostate is about helping to SAVE LIVES !
Already from sharing my story two friends have chosen to seek medical advice that could very well just save their lives!

Prostate cancer is everybody's business

I have just had prostate surgery two weeks ago.
I ask you to share and have conversations with those around you and let us make a difference!

If you are able please make an affordable donation! Or join one of the many options to fundraise at

        Let's SAVE LIVES

Planet Prostate

Hi All
Thank you so much for your interest, support and ideas!

The idea for the event is to collect a multitude of small donations from a lot of people. Please Ask your favourite cafe, club, pub, team if they are willing to be involved ! We are also starting to collect a varied  selection of items to be raffled!! These items will be able to be won for just $2!!

Any further ideas please contact us!

The Concept

We hope to have multiple events running during the 'Planet Prostate' week.

25th August - 3rd September 2023

Music Events
Sports Clubs
Personal Events all "Playing for Planet Prostate"
Food outlets having a "Parmi, Panini or Plate for Planet Prostate"
Dollar Auctions of donated items or experiences!
Collection opportunities at Uni, Businesses, Clubs, Cafes etc..
Possible Transport or Accommodation partnerships during the Planet Prostate week.

If you have an idea join the Planet Prostate Team and we can support you!
Let's Save Lives!!

"Planet Prostate" - 25th August - 3rd September 2023

Every day, 66 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

My name is David, I am a 59 year old nurse with prostate cancer. I was vigilant about monitoring due to a family history.  I had no symptoms when diagnosed and I am now currently undergoing treatment.  

That’s why I’ve decided to become an agent of change by creating Planet Prostate a week long fundraising initiative to support the life-saving work of PCFA in the lead up to Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

My journey has motivated me to help reduce the impact of prostate cancer Australian men and their families. 

Please join the Planet Prostate team if you're interested in taking part. Alternatively contact me at for more information and Expression of interest forms!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Cornerstone Medical Recruitment

Wishing you all the best David. Thank you for all the hard work you've been doing to increaseawareness!


Kasim Ali-khan


Kate G | Cornerstone Medical Recruitment


Ashlee Cornerstone Medical


Emily Ou

Thank you for your hard work.


Laura Cornerstone Medical


Adam Atkins

Keep up the good work David!



Sending love healing and lots of success with your fundraising mate xx


Justin Brown



Fred Leone



Great work Mr Maxwell and I hope your recovery is as swift and successful as possible. Take care


Katrina Petteit

All the best in your recovery David.


Wanda Hill


Jules | Cornerstone Medical Recruitment

We support you David!


Rachael Devin - Cornerstone Medical Recruitment


Hannah Dowdican - Cornerstone Medical Recruitment

Wishing you all the best David!


Amanda / Cornerstone Medical Recruitment


Monique | Cornerstone Medical Recruitment


Mish Stampfli

Maxie ❤️


Karen Heidtmann

Hossie visit 💜


David Maxwell




Ann-maree Wilkinson

I support Planet Prostrate! Let’s raise lotsa $$$$$


Niki Bush