10km before breakfast

By Colette Wasson

I’m Changing the Game!

Prostate cancer threatens the lives of 1 in 6 Aussie men.

I’m raising funds today to save men’s lives tomorrow.

Every dollar you donate will be a game-changer for Aussie men and their families, boosting life-saving prostate cancer research, nursing, and support provided by PCFA.

You can make a massive difference by committing to give a tax-deductible donation today.

On behalf of the 16,700 men who will be diagnosed this year – thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cathy And Barry Hore

Awesome work guys💕🧜‍♀️🏊‍♂️


Kate Shaw

Well done (again) Colette 💕🎉🥂


Mark Houghton

Great work on your swim this morning! Thanks for your support!


Leone Lovegrove




Karen O’Connell

Amazing Collette! Great work for a great cause xx


Mick Willis

Well done Colette! Only 10km before breakfast I get to do is in the car!


Maree Taylor

Go Girl 👧


Kathleen Houghton

Good work!


Effortless Swimming

Great work Colette! 👏👏


Liz Denyer

Sorry I didn’t make it this morning. Well done though. Looks like you reached 10km easily


Robert John Barrett



Great swimming 🏊‍♀️


Annie Barry

Was it salt water?


Coral OConnell


Christine Fuglsang

Well done Colette and team, so many of our friends have this devastating cancer. 🥺😭


Chris & Jane Redmond

Well done & Thank you!





David James Meurant


Karen Candler


Tania Smith



Love your work, Colette <3



Well done, sending lots of love ❤


Annette Hennessy

Great job Colette xxx


Leelee Champagne Mermaid

#Love your man Great work team xx


Kate Pacey





Awesome work Colette


Brad And Kylie Doyle

Thanks for your time and efforts to raise awareness!


Linda Tolhurst

Hipe you reach your goal! Small donation i know! Hope it helps. Linda


Jan Pool

You are amazing


Catherine Fullford


Colette Wasson