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Ormiston College's "The Clip"

Ormiston College's "The Clip"

Every day, 66 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among men and statistically 1 in every 6 men will be diagnosed by the time they are 85 (Cancer Council, 2023; Frontiers Public Health, 2022). This is a real and serious issue that affects millions of men worldwide as well as their friends, family and loved ones. That's why the Year 12 boys at Ormiston College are participating in a new initiative by the OC Service Committee called The Clip.

The Clip is a student-organised fundraiser to raise money and awareness for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). Over the next few months, we will be promoting our fundraiser and on the 7th of June, the boys at OC will be getting a buzz cut to show our support for the foundation and all those affected by prostate cancer. All the hair cut will be donated to Sustainable Salons which uses the hair to create Hair Booms to help clean up oil spills along our beautiful coastlines.

All proceeds will go directly to the PCFA so please support our cause by providing a life-saving donation to all the men who need your help!!

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