Gazza Fletcher

Gazza and Doors

Gazza and Doors

Every day, 66 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s why we've decided to become an agent of change by joining the PCFA-Team.

We'll be riding over 3000 kms to support men and their families impacted by a prostate cancer diagnosis. From game-changing research to specialised mental and physical care, there is so much more we can, and must, do to save the lives of the men we love.

Please support the team that can save lives by making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

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Ride for prostate cancer

Monday 31st Jul
So in 2024 myself and Doors are trikeing for Prostate Cancer we are asking all our friends to help taise money on our page as i am going through Prostate Cancer myself it will mean a lot if you can donate thanks Doreen And Gazza 

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