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The Prostate Cancer Curesaders - Who are we?

Monday 11th Apr

Prof Lisa Butler and A/Prof Luke Selth lead two internationally-recognised prostate cancer research programs in Adelaide. The ultimate goal of their teams is to contribute to the improvement of treatment options and survival outcomes for men with prostate cancer. 

Every day, their staff and students are in the lab working diligently to develop new therapies and new ways to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate treatment at the right time.  Current projects include:

  • investigating the effectiveness of new drugs undergoing clinical development and how to select patients who would receive the most benefit from these drugs; 

  • understanding how lipid metabolism, androgen receptor signalling and cell plasticity are altered in prostate cancer and lead to therapy resistance.

Over the next few months, Lisa and Luke’s teams will not only continue their research efforts but have also pledged to run/walk a total of 3152km, a number that matches the number of men who died last year in Australia from prostate cancer. 

They are committed to raising awareness and the much-needed funds for research and support services for men with prostate cancer. 

Please help these prostate cancer researchers make a difference by making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

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