Lets Raise it for Our Boys

By Jo

I'm saving lives.

Every day, 45 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s why we've decided to become agents of change by joining the PCFA-Team.

We’ll be taking on a new challenge, to support men and their families impacted by a prostate cancer diagnosis. From game-changing research to specialised mental and physical care, there is so much more we can, and must, do to save the lives of the men we love.

Please support the team that can save lives by making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign, or getting involved in our Quiz Night 'Let's Raise it for our Boys' as a supporter, donor or guest in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

My Updates

Kristy Spokes

Thursday 16th Mar
I am the secretary, for this event.

We have chosen Prostate cancer, as we feel that the boys and men in our lives don't get enough recognition for Prostate Cancer. So we want to help promote this cause, as this has touched too many boys and men, which have left devastating after effects for the families that have been left with the loss of their loved ones.
So please help us raise as much as we can.

I have been fund-raising for the previous 1x successful Quiz night.

We are waiting for the permission to ask for donations for the raffles on the night.

We have 3 Sponsor already for the event.

We will update the sponsors closer to the event.

We will also keep you updated on the meetings that we will be having before and after the event.

Thank you for all of your support.

Kind regards
Kristy Spokes 

Thank you to my Sponsors