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My Updates

My prostate cancer.

Wednesday 24th Mar
In June 2017 I was confirmed to have Prostate Cancer. I didn't know anything about it and my first reaction was to get rid of it, for good, and was going yo have my prostate removed. A specialist said to me a few months later "Why risk possible life changing treatment?" (Meaning  radiation or removal) "Your cancer is small, we can monitor it and take action when needed. You're a good story, we can tell other men about what you are doing." So I took him on faith and went into an Active Surveillance program. I mid 2018 I had a follow up biopsy which showed the cancer was not very aggressive and we decided to keep monitoring. In December 2018 my PSA had reduced by more than half to 2.57, very low. In February 2021 I had a blood test, MRI and biopsy. The MRI showed very little, if any change, the PSA was 2.7 and the biopsy found no cancer. Which means the cancer is still there, it is very small and not changing very quickly, I may never need treatment. So now I continue with active surveillance with 6 monthly blood tests and MRI's and biopsies as needed. To think, 4 years ago I was going to have it out.  

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Tony Fantastic news! I remember when you told me about the diagnosis and all the other terrible things that were going on in your life at the time. And now 4 years later this great news Good stuff!! Cheers Phil


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