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By The Ormiston College Clip

Let's save lives.

We are Year 12 students at Ormiston College

For almost a decade our female colleagues have done The Chop supporting Chicks in Pink and Breast Cancer. In 2023, Year 12 males are having a number 3 (or slightly higher)  buzz cut to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The Clip will be held in the Ormiston College CLI Plaza on the 7th of June, from 3:30pm to 5pm. 

Did you know Prostate cancer threatens the lives of 1 in 6 Aussie men. By entering The Clip, we’re raising funds today to save men’s lives tomorrow.

Every dollar you donate will be a game-changer for Aussie men and their families, boosting life-saving prostate cancer research, nursing, and support provided by PCFA.

You can make a massive difference by committing to give a tax-deductible donation today, either to an individual or the OC team!

Hair will be donated to Sustainable Salons to create hair booms to help rid our oceans from oil spills that endanger bird and marine life.

On behalf of the 16,700 men who will be diagnosed this year – thank you!

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