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Cruise for the Cause 2023

I'm Cruising for the Cause!

Prostate cancer threatens the lives of 1 in 5 Aussie men.

I’m raising funds today to save men’s lives.

Every dollar you donate will be a game-changer for Aussie men and their families, boosting life-saving prostate cancer research, nursing, and support provided by PCFA.

You can make a massive difference by committing to give a tax-deductible donation today.

On behalf of the 24,217 men who will be diagnosed this year – thank you!

My Updates

Prostate Cancer - It can hit any of us.

Sunday 21st May
My Dad, unfortunately, suffered from cancer that went undiagnosed for too long and led to cancer spreading throughout his body, ultimately affecting his brain prior to his demise. It was a most debilitating illness. 

I, thankfully, have had tests to confirm my clearance of this illness but many other are not so lucky. Any funds that can assist in education and treatment is always a great way to beat this illness and I support the efforts that organizers such as Cruise for a Cause put in.

All donations can assist and its tax deductible, so there's a benefit for donors as well.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ray Andersson