Boat Crew B

By Shane Aris

I’m running a marathon!

On the 16th of April, I’ll be running a half marathon (21.1km) in Bunbury and on the 11th of June, I’ll be running a full marathon (42.2km) at Rottnest Island. We have rounded up a few of the boys from work and none of us are runners, but we’re going to have a crack at it.

Prostate Cancer has had a big impact on my family’s life and I’m sure it’s affected just about all of us in some way. One day I’d absolutely love to tell my son Bohdi, that the same cancer that took his Grandads life is now easily cured and he has nothing to worry about. 

So, instead of just running a marathon, our team has decided to raise as much money as we can to help change the future. I’d love your support, and any money you can donate will be very much appreciated. Knowing I’m running to help save lives will just give me that extra bit of energy to bite down on my teeth and finish the marathon.

Please support the team that can save lives by making a tax-deductible donation to my campaign in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Craig &Debbie Sagar

Good work Shane Freddie would have so proud of you






Good on you and the boys


Sandie Sweeney

Very proud of you Shane.


Paters, Ellie & Babies

Good on ya mate! Can’t wait to see yous at the finish line


Justine Powell

Go Shane