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Prostate cancer threatens the lives of 1 in 6 Aussie men.

I’m raising funds today to save men’s lives tomorrow.

Every dollar you donate will be a game-changer for Aussie men and their families, boosting life-saving prostate cancer research, nursing, and support provided by PCFA.

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On behalf of the 16,700 men who will be diagnosed this year – thank you!

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Monday 15th Feb

My father Kevin was 67 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, at the time of Kevin’s diagnoses the doctor gave him a life expectancy of approximately five years, depending on how the cancer reacts to the treatment for which he was about to receive. Kevin had gone through numerous courses of treatments over the past four years and while the treatments he is was receiving were not a permanent solution, it did slow the progression considerably but, Kevin did sufferer with the side effects.  

Four years on and Kevin’s cancer has now spread to his hips and bones. Kevin has undergone all types of treatment available to him in Australian; however, in 2020 he was given the opportunity to try a trial phase treatment. This new treatment which is in phase 2, is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. The cost of this treatment is approximately $40,000 per person.

In 2016, there were 19,305 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in Australia. In 2020, it is estimated that 16,741 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in Australia. On an annual basis globally, approximately 1.1 Million Men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. More than 300,000 men will die of prostate cancer this year.

By raising awareness hopefully more Australians will be checked/screened for Prostate Cancer, by raising funds hopefully the cost of the treatments can/will be drastically reduced.

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