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Having a birthday, wedding or special occasion? Got enough 'stuff'?
Then why not ask your guests for donations to prostate cancer in lieu of gifts.

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Congratulations and thank you for choosing to make a difference to the thousands of men and their families affected by prostate cancer.

Whatever you’re celebrating, whether it’s a birthday, wedding or anniversary, asking your friends and family to donate to  Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is a thoughtful way to mark your special occasion.

It is easy to make your own personalised fundraising page to share with friends and family, just click the "Register" button or if you like you can use the "Donate" button to make a one-off donation.

Your support is so important because over 17,800 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. Every one of us is likely to know and love someone who’s affected by this disease.

With your help, we can be there for every Aussie affected by a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Thank you for celebrating your special occasion with PCFA. If you need support or have any questions contact us on 1800 22 00 99 or email We’d love to help you celebrate your special day!

How will your funds be celebrated?


We are Australia’s leading charity fund for prostate cancer research.


We protect the health of existing and future generations of men in Australia.


We improve quality of life for Australian men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

"Ultimately, our goal is not just to beat prostate cancer, but to use your donations to ensure Aussie men and families get the support they need right now.”

- Professor Jeff Dunn AO, CEO Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

“When we were told Dad had prostate cancer, my whole family was effectively given a cancer diagnosis. I believe we need to get to a point where discussing health issues, like prostate cancer, is a normal part of our conversations with friends and family. As the son of a prostate cancer survivor, facing double the risk of diagnosis, I’m proud to support the important work of PCFA.”

- Matt Hayden AM, Former world-champion Australian batsman