Pedal Power: Ben's epic ride for survival

09 May 2022

Meet Ben – endurance cyclist and world’s best boyfriend.

In his time, he’s taken on some epic endurance cycling challenges around the world - through Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, and Wales, and to most corners of Australia, clocking up thousands of kilometers along the way.

But it was his most recent endurance ride that really hit home for him - a 24-hour cycle around Gippsland in support of a cause close to home.

Ben launched Pedal 4 Prevention and cycled 650km non-stop in honour of his partner Christine Webb’s father, who is battling aggressive prostate cancer.

“This challenge was dedicated to Christine’s Dad, Laurie. After fighting prostate cancer for nearly 13 years, he was recently taken off all treatments and medication to spend his last moments with family,” Ben said.

“He’s far too young to be at this stage – only 66 years old. We hope that by raising funds and awareness of the disease, we will save other families from experiencing this heartache.

“It was such an incredible experience. We received so much support.

“The main highlight though was to have Laurie there on my ride. It encapsulated a moment together and one I’ll never forget for the rest of my life – it’s one to remember forever.”

Ben said that despite it being one of the most incredible experiences of his life, cycling for 24-hours was both physically and mentally draining and he had to dig deep to get through.

“The sleep deprivation can really get you, but I got over that bump, got on with the task and peddled on.”

Ben said it’s all about keeping a positive mindset and focusing on the reason behind what you’re doing.

When it comes to fundraising, his advice?

“You don’t have to do crazy bike rides like me, that’s just my thing and my way of expressing myself. It does not matter how you fundraise, just do something that is your jam and the people you inspire will follow you on the way and support you.”

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