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09 May 2022

Lou Hegarty celebrated her 50th birthday last month with her husband Chris closely by her side. They hosted a big party, enjoying the company of family and friends. However, instead of being showered with gifts, Lou asked her guests to donate to PCFA.

“My friends and family asked me ‘don’t you actually want something for you for your birthday?’ I told them I already have it – my husband.“

Lou’s husband Chris was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2017 and given just four years to live. Today, five year’s later, Chris is still with us, thanks to advances in treatment such as the new precision medicine NUBEQA.

NUBEQA was recently listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, thanks to our advocacy, which means eligible men can now access it with no out-of-pocket costs.

The treatment would otherwise cost each patient around $40,000 a year – a price that is simply unaffordable for most families.

The treatment blocks testosterone from feeding the growth of prostate cancer cells.

NUBEQA can help to delay the spread of prostate cancer for up to 3.4 years, more than twice as long as hormone therapy on its own.

Clinical trials data found the drug also extended overall survival time, lowering the risk of death by 31 per cent compared to hormone therapy alone.

“To have Chris with us is an absolute gift, but it wouldn’t have been possible without ongoing research. We are extremely grateful to PCFA.”

Through the support of her family and friends, Lou raised an incredible $1,473 for PCFA, much needed funds that will help fund future research, clinical trials and advocacy for new prostate cancer medicines that could save more lives.

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